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The following information resources have been sourced from a variety of providers and organisations.  They are intended to provide you and your loved ones with an introduction to each of the topics and are not intended to be wholly comprehensive.  From time to time additional resources will be added so please feel free to re-visit the site.


Should you have any questions arising from these information sources please do not hesitate to raise them with Dr Holland when you see him for your appointment.

Please use the following links to navigate through the information provided:

Patients may also find the following internet resources helpful:

Excellent support site for pregnant women and new parents including access to online support groups that women can join.

True logo.png

Excellent website for information relating to women's health including contraceptive advice, mental health support and reproductive health.

Useful parenting and lifestyle advice with a hint of gossip thrown in for fun.

Professional body responsible for obstetric and gynaecological practice.  Website includes useful patient information and position statements on current media reports in the field.

Pindara Private Hospital Maternity

Part of Ramsay Health Care

Pindara Private Hospital

Part of Ramsay Health Care

Portal for accessing Pindara Private Hospital's main website, including online booking for surgical procedures.

Premier IVF provider in Queensland.

Portal for accessing Pindara Private Hospital's maternity services including information about the facilities and how to "book in" to the hospital.

Low cost IVF provider backed by Virtus Health.

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