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Vulvovaginal conditions

A variety of conditions can affect the external lower genital tract.  These include:

  • Vulvar and vaginal dermatoses

    • Just like the skin on the rest of the body, the vagina and vulva (the external aspects of the lower female genital tract) can be affected by a variety of short and long term skin conditions.  The impacts of such conditions ranges from mild skin discomfort through to destructive alteration of normal genital anatomy.  Women suffering from such conditions often struggle to identify an appropriate clinician for treatment.  Both dermatologists and gynaecologists may or may not have the necessary interest and/or additional training and experience in addressing the unique challenges of vulvovaginal skin disease. Dr Holland has developed extensive experience in this field and offers women the certainty that they will be assessed by a clinician versed in the specifics of vulvovaginal dermatological care.

  • Chronic vulvar and vaginal infections

    • Occasionally women are afflicted with chronic infections, such as Candida (thrush), that fail to respond to standard therapies.  These can prove difficult conditions to remedy, however, with the correct clinical approach, the majority of such infectious conditions can be resolved.​

  • Vulvovaginal pain - vaginismus, vestibulodynia, vulvodynia, dyspareunia, sexual pain disorders

    • Chronic vulvar or vaginal pain and sexual pain disorders can be debilitating and frustrating conditions for women.  The impact upon relationships, self confidence and psychological well-being is often profound.  Such conditions are often challenging for clinicians to manage, both diagnostically and therapeutically​.  Part of this challenge relates to the under-recognised nature of the problem, most likely reflecting the tendency of the majority of affected women to "suffer in silence" and, for, those who do speak up, the challenge of finding a clinician with the knowledge to provide assistance.  This is unfortunate as appropriate therapies are available and for the majority of women effective.  Dr Holland takes a holistic and understanding approach to assessment and management of these conditions.  His focus is upon supporting women through their treatment journey, recognising that exploring such conditions with a clinician can be difficult.  Dr Holland applies his extensive knowledge in this field of gynaecology towards diagnosing the cause of a woman's pain and then applying appropriate focused therapies in conjunction with the involvement of appropriate allied health professionals such as physiotherapists and psychologists.  Treatment is guided by the impact that a woman's pain is having upon her quality of life and careful exploration of the woman's own goals for therapy.

Following are a number of patient pamphlets that outline background information on general "care down there" and specific information relating to a selection of some of the conditions that Dr Holland addresses in his practice.

General vulval advice and information:

Guide to healthy female genital care

Ten suggestions

A guide to female genital itch

Genital itch

Description of the female pelvis and structures

The pelvis & its structures

Guide to healthy female genital care

General vulvar care

Description of the normal vulva

The normal vulva

Guide to healthy female genital care

Sexually transmitted infections

Introduction to vaginal discharge - what's normal?

Vaginal discharge

Introduction to vaginal discharge - what's normal?

Vaginal odour

Vulvovaginal disorders:

 Vulval and vaginal pain disorders:

Introduction to vestibulodynia/localised provoked vulvodynia - causes and treatment

Vulvovaginal pain - an overview

Introduction to vestibulodynia/localised provoked vulvodynia - causes and treatment

Vestibulodynia/ Localised provoked vulvodynia

Introduction to unprovoked vulvodynia - causes and treatment

Unprovoked vulvodynia

Introduction to vestibulodynia/localised provoked vulvodynia - causes and treatment

Pelvic floor muscle function and dysfunction - an overview

Introduction to vaginismus - causes and treatment


Pudendal neuralgia

Pudendal neuralgia

Vulval dermatoses and infections:

Introductio to vaginitis - causes and treatment


Candida/Thrush - causes and treatment

Candidiasis/ Yeast infections

Genital herpes - causes and treatment

Bacterial vaginosis

Introduction to vaginal discharge - what's normal?


Genital herpes - causes and treatment

Genital herpes

Genital contact dermatitis - causes and treatment

Contact dermatitis

Introduction to vulvar psoriasis - causes and treatment

Vulvar psoriasis

Vulvar lichen sclerosus - causes and treatment

Vulvar lichen sclerosus

Vulvar lichen sclerosus in children - causes and treatment

Vulvar lichen sclerosus in children

Vulvar lichen planus - causes and treatment

Vulvar lichen planus

Hydradenitis suppurativa - causes and treatment

Hydradenitis suppurativa

VIN/Vulval intraepithelial neoplasia - causes and treatment

VIN - vulval intraepithelial neoplasia

Vulval cancer - causes and treatment

Vulval cancer

Extra-mammary Pagets Disease - causes and treatment

Extra-mammary Pagets Disease

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